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Taste and nutrition on the menu at the Kerry-Arlès Customer Seminar !

On 15 November 2018, Kerry Group/Arlès Agroalimentaire teams and clients came together to attend a seminar day dedicated to the topics of ‘naturality’, Clean Label and nutritional balance.

Invited to the Kerry manufacturing facility in Grasse, guests had a chance to take on board a summarised version of the food and beverages trends market study carried out by Mintel, a global provider of market research and forecasts. Among the key findings, the study confirmed the growing trend of plant-based foods and fair trade and showed that organic products are still popular with and reassuring for consumers. The study also highlighted the need for simpler labelling and fewer ingredients. Lastly, supermarkets are increasingly keen to enhance the consumer experience by offering services and applications in-store, providing transparency and health information all while facilitating the act of purchase.

Before getting to taste the Mediterranean “Kerry made” products, a colourful, delicious and nutritionally balanced selection, the clients had the chance to discover the many opportunities for applications of Kerry products by market—milk, sweet, savoury and beverages.

To truly imprint the products on the minds of clients, the organisers took guests on a tour of a manufacturing facility where they were given answers to any questions they wanted to ask.

The busy seminar day concluded on a fun and interactive note with clients and Kerry/Arlès teams taking part in a creativity workshop. Entertained but focused, the participants were introduced to the key principles of co-designing which they could take away and reuse in their day-to-day professional roles.

All in all, the seminar day proved a unanimous hit and succinctly demonstrated the commitment Kerry Group and Arlès Agroalimentaire both show to their clients.





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