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For you who are looking for simplicity and functionality!

Arlès Agroalimentaire expands its range and offers new starches from Cargill, SimPure 994xx, combining Clean Label and high functionality.


These starches, extracted from European waxy maize from sustainable agriculture and GMO-free, are obtained by a “clean” physical process: use of water, steam, O2, pressure and pH control.
They also benefit from an “Ingredient” declaration.


These ingredients are capable of withstanding many severe processes such as sterilization (autoclave, UHT), shear, acid pH (fruit applications, presence of vinegar, fermented products…) and deep-freezing with no syneresis at thawing.
The objective is to have the same functionalities as chemically modified starches without compromising product quality such as taste, appearance or texture, in most applications.

Main applications

Our customers use them to make soups, emulsified sauces, tomato sauces, ready-made meals, and also in dairy products: dessert creams, flans, béchamel sauces, crème anglaise, or fillings.

Discover our whole range of Starches and Derivatives according to the constraints of your applications.

amidons fonctionnels Clean Label




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