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While Arlès Agroalimentaire celebrated its 100th anniversary six years, Caldic Group will blow out its 50 candles on 7th September 2020.
In 2019, these two solid and ambitious companies have joined forces to pursue a promising common adventure.

Caldic, founded in 1970 in Rotterdam as a trading company, has gradually acquired various businesses and has grown in Western Europe, North America and Asia. Over the years, Caldic has enhanced its portfolio of solutions, improved its storage capacity and developed its own products. The group quickly became a specialist in the distribution of products and solutions in Chemicals, Plastics, Rubber, Coating, Water Treatment, Health & Personal Care and Food markets.

Caldic’s growth is driven by the constant desire to offer its customers innovative and high-quality solutions while ensuring reliability and flexibility.

As for Arlès Agroalimentaire, it was in 1914 in Marseille that the company began its activity with the trading of vegetable ingredients. Then it decides to develop and distributes many food ingredients and functional additives. Especially in 1957, it entered into its first major partnership with Cargill, which continues to this day with great success. Arlès Agroalimentaire regularly includes new partners in its strategy in order to diversify and respond to the wishes of its customers. In 2020, five major skill families supported by nine partners are proudly displayed in Arlès Agroalimentaire’s wide portfolio. Arlès Agroalimentaire’s success and reputation have grown thanks to continuous improvement, listening to its customers, the desire to provide them with innovative solutions and responses to marker trends.

In 2020, Arlès Agroalimentaire will be alongside Caldic Group to celebrate this half-century and contribute to the group’s success.



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