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Organic gelatine, the ideal and clean label solution for your organic products!

Organic products can now benefit from the many advantages of gelatine in an organic version and thus declare all ingredients as organic.
Furthermore, organic gelatine is an ingredient and not an additive. The label does not include an E code, therefore, the product is clean label!

Properties and characteristics

Our organic gelatine is non-allergenic, 100% protein. It is an animal protein extracted from collagen. It is neutral in taste, odour and colour.
Another significant advantage is that is is completely digestible.
The melting temperature of gelatine is close to that of the human body, which gives a melting and creamy sensation in the mouth, much sought-after in confectionery, dairy desserts and aspics in particular.


Gelatine is known to have many useful functions in the food industry. It offers an excellent water retention capacity limiting the risks of syneresis. This ingredient is at the same time a gelling agent, an emulsifier, a stabilizer and a thickener.
Gelatin, now in organic version, is the only functional ingredient that combines all these functionalities at the same time and thus avoids multiplying the number of texturizers in formulations. It’s the Swiss army knife of texture!


Gelatine is mainly used in confectionery, both for its gelling properties, abundant, emulsifying and stabilizing.
This ingredient is also used in the preparation of dairy products such as mousses and jelly desserts.
Due to its smooth and creamy texture, gelatine makes it possible to reduce the fat content and thus develop lower calorie products, one of the main levers for improving Nutriscore.
Note that gelatine can also replace egg in dairy desserts.
This miracle ingredient is also widely present in savoury products: aspics, terrines, pâtés...

Our products

We offer you the organic version of gelatin in powder form or in sheets:

  • Organic pork gelatin powder 250-280 Bloom
  • Organic gelatine in bronze, silver and gold leaves

To find out more about Bio Arlès Agroalimentaire solutions, contact Yann Brégeon and/or visit our website.



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