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Dare insect proteins for an healthy and sustainable diet!

Food industry is facing major challenges. With nearly 10 billion people expected in 2050, the forecast increase in global animal consumption is expected to reach 60%! At the same time, while 1 billion people live without fresh water, 80% of global deforestation is linked to food production and arable lands are less and less available.

Agri-food R&D must constantly reinvent innovative concepts that respect environment and delight consumers' taste buds.

Insect-based products offer great opportunities for healthy and quality food. They are becoming more and more accessible and accepted by consumers by being offered in wider food categories.

Insect proteins offer many unsuspected advantages!

For a better planet

Insect proteins have undeniable subtainable advantages over other types of animal proteins. Compared to conventional breeding, the production of insect proteins, which is close to zero in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, consumes almost no water and requires very few arable lands due to their vertical breeding.

These products also benefit from excellent protein conversion efficiency and low carbohydrate content.

These proteins clearly display a Clean Label claim. Overall, they are a more sustainable alternative to soy.

How satisfying it is to be able to feed your family with food that is healthy and good for your planet!

Active nutrition

The nutritional intake provided by insects compared to other sources of ingredients is more interesting due to a much higher level of naturally occurring protein: presence of the nine essential aminated acids.

These animals are also naturally rich in iron, vitamin B12, fibre and a source of omega3.

An engaging experience

In Asian culture, insects have always been widely used in food. Today, it is possible to bring these culinary traditions up to date by highlighting the experimentation and novelty of eating insects.

Associating this type of food products with exotic cuisine is a source of curiosity and satisfaction.

Which forms are available?

Our partner Protifarm offers three main products:

  • Insect proteins in powder form: Whole Buffalo Powder (WBP)
  • A textured insect protein, ideal for meat alternatives thanks to its excellent bioavailability of iron and B12 compared to vegetable origin and its richness in unsaturated fats compared to beef.
  • A soluble protein concentrate for beverages. They are highly digestible due to their partial hydrolysis.

Large possible applications

  • For protein enrichment for athletes: protein powders, spreads, energy bars, ...
  • For new culinary experiences: nuggets, burgers, ...
  • For a sustainable commitment and the planet’s protection: "tofu" type cubes, crackers, ...
  • For an Asian cultural and ethnic heritage: sushi, spring rolls, ...
  • For a new generation of dairy products rich in nutritional supplements: yoghurts, cheese croquettes, ...

Let yourself be tempted and contact us for more information:


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