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New products

A clean label salty food product… reality or utopia?

by Cyril David, Arlès Agroalimentaire sales manager Food manufacturers face a major challenge: how to enhance the taste of a food product or reinforce a taste already present. We will focus in this article on the case of salty products. Consumer expectations are high in terms of clean label . They prefer tasty and authentic food products but with a limited number of ingredients. In fact, according to the Creatests…

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19 09 2019

Fast dissolving arabic gum, a versatile additive from natural origin

What is arabic gum ? Arabic gum comes from the resin of acacia. Two species with different properties exist, Acacia Senegal and Acacia Seyal , and can be used depending on the application. This additive, known as E414 , is a functional soluble fiber containing at least 80% fibers. Acacia gum is 100% vegetable, allergen-free and GMO free. How can we find it ? Arabic gum is available in powder form. Optimised shipping…

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18 07 2019

Infused oils, the ideal ingredient for a natural and tasty seasoning

Kerry Group's infused oils are very easy to use for manufacturers looking for freshness and aromatic authenticity. These products are oils (rapeseed, olive, sunflower) in which aromatic herb s are infused (basil, mint, rosemary, ...), spices (peppers), lemon , garlic , etc. The natural maceration process brings taste and colour to the oil. These oils meet today’s consumers demands : taste , naturalness , clear and…

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11 07 2019

Crossing experts ideas about organic food market - Focus on glucose syrup

Interviewees : Mélanie Adam , sales manager Blattmann Yann Brégeon , technical and development manager Arlès Agroalimentair e Arlès Agroalimentaire and and its partner Blattmann have been hardly working together for 8 years in order to meet the ever-increasing consumers’ demands. Read the interview  (in French)   Discover all the organic products offered by…

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17 06 2019


THE CHOICE OF VEGAN Vegan coconut milk powder is an atomized milk made up of more than 85% coconut. Sodium caseinates (milk proteins), acting as emulsifiers in the conventional version, are replaced by a modified corn starch . The corn maltodextrin carrier and the starch contained in the vegan coconut milk powder are technological aids, they have no functionality in the finished product. They are used only in the process of…

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