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New products

23 05 2019


FRUITMAX RED A CLEAN LABEL RED COLOURING FOODSTUFFS The new food ingredient with a red colouring vocation. FruitMax RED from Chr. Hansen Natural Colors , available in liquid and powder versions (FM RED 107 WS, FM RED 108 WS and FM RED 104 WSP references) allows to get an intense and outstanding bright red . Obtained from a variety of sweet potato specifically developed by Chr. Hansen and a minimal extraction process, these…

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23 04 2019

Tasty and natural stocks

Kerry offers a full range of stocks and broths directly inspired by our chef’s expertise or by our traditions. These natural products are made from simple ingredients - meat bones, vegetables, herbs - which have slowly simmered and have been filtered and reduced. These natural cooking methods make those products authentic and tasty. Broth or bouillon, fat or frothy, mild or intense, those ingredients are very easy to…

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09 04 2019


The taste modulators of the TasteSense range (Kerry) are natural products based on plant extracts and declared as natural flavours. MAIN ROLES OF THESE NATURAL FLAVOURS Extend flavours in the context of products reduced in salt or sugar Extend flavours in salt or sugar reduced products Boost the aromatic profile of a product if it loses aromatic notes during a process Mask or attenuate aromatic notes not desired…

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09 10 2018

Spelt gluten, the innovative ingredient for high quality products

Arlès Agroalimentaire, in partnership with Blattmann Schweiz, is responding to the market trends combining plant-based and nutritional balance by offering Becodur® spelt gluten. This product is a protein derived from large spelt grains specially designed for bakery products, vegetarian dishes and pasta. This fine light brown powder forms an elastic and easy-to-work gluten network when mixed with water. Spelt gluten…

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