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News from the food industry

23 11 2020

Caldic and Cargill expand their exclusive distribution partnership in France to include the cocoa and chocolate range

Customers will have access to the complete sensory range of the Gerkens® Cocoa Powders and a wide assortment of chocolates, coatings and fillings. Rognac, November 23rd, 2020 - Caldic and Cargill have signed an agreement which makes Caldic’s French food division, Arlès Agroalimentaire, the exclusive distribution partner in France for Cargill’s complete Gerkens® cocoa and chocolate range for food…

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31 07 2020

An even more powerful and accessible laboratory

With the recent arrival of a Research & Development technician dedicated to its laboratory , Arlès Agroalimentaire, Caldic Group , shows its willingness to develop and strengthens its areas of expertise in which the specialist in the distribution of ingredients and functional additives provides solution to its customers: texture and stabilisation , colour and brightness , taste and nutrition , and inclusions . …

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16 07 2020

Dare insect proteins for an healthy and sustainable diet!

Food industry is facing major challenges. With nearly 10 billion people expected in 2050, the forecast increase in global animal consumption is expected to reach 60%! At the same time, while 1 billion people live without fresh water, 80% of global deforestation is linked to food production and arable lands are less and less available. Agri-food R&D must constantly reinvent innovative concepts that respect environment and delight…

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25 06 2020

Organic gelatine, the ideal and clean label solution for your organic products!

Organic products can now benefit from the many advantages of gelatine in an organic version and thus declare all ingredients as organic. Furthermore, organic gelatine is an ingredient and not an additive. The label does not include an E code, therefore, the product is clean label! Properties and characteristics Our organic gelatine is non-allergenic, 100% protein. It is an animal protein extracted from collagen. It is neutral…

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Seeking solutions to eat healthier and more sustainable food, consumers are pursuing several strategies to reduce their meat consumption. Some reduce their meat portions, others learn to eat meatless dishes, while others modify their recipes to replace all or part of the meat ingredients with vegetable ingredients. The key point of this dietary change remains the protein issue. How can we balance essential amino acid intakes while…

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