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News from the food industry

25 06 2020

Organic gelatine, the ideal and clean label solution for your organic products!

Organic products can now benefit from the many advantages of gelatine in an organic version and thus declare all ingredients as organic. Furthermore, organic gelatine is an ingredient and not an additive. The label does not include an E code, therefore, the product is clean label! Properties and characteristics Our organic gelatine is non-allergenic, 100% protein. It is an animal protein extracted from collagen. It is neutral…

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17 04 2020

French position in terms of food additives

Taste, texture, limited number of ingredients, French are demanding for their food products ... while managing the costs French food preferences Createst opinion survey for Arlès Agroalimentaire, Caldic Group What is the French view of food additives ? Do they know their usefulness ? Do they accept them? How much are they ready to pay for a clean label product ? ... The distributor…

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A clean label salty food product… reality or utopia?

by Cyril David, Arlès Agroalimentaire sales manager Food manufacturers face a major challenge: how to enhance the taste of a food product or reinforce a taste already present. We will focus in this article on the case of salty products. Consumer expectations are high in terms of clean label . They prefer tasty and authentic food products but with a limited number of ingredients. In fact, according to the Creatests…

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14 10 2019

Caldic acquires food ingredients distributor Arlès Agroalimentaire

Rotterdam, The Netherlands, October 14, 2019 - Caldic B.V. has announced its acquisition of Arlès Agroalimentaire SAS, a leading distributor of quality food ingredients and functional additives in France. The agreement underlines Caldic’s ambition to become a leading food ingredient solution provider in Europe. Arlès Agroalimentaire is a family business that has been engaged in the distribution of food…

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03 10 2019

What solutions for the Clean Label headache in the food industry ?

By Yann Brégeon , Technical and Development Manager at Arlès Agroalimentaire First step of this headache, its definition Clean Label is not regulatory clearly defined. There are different interpretations. This approach consists of : Lighten the list of ingredients by reducing the number of additives Limit to specific ingredients and additives recognized and accepted by consumers Remove all additives…

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